June 18, 2021

Pastor (Dr.) larry Ovie is a Nigerian-Irish pastor and a serial entrepreneur, born to the family of late Pa and Madam Jonathan & Lady Ovie of Orogun, 55 years ago in Delta State in Nigeria. He had his early education in Delta and Lagos States,

Nigeria. He later became a major furniture maker, distributor and retailer through his first company: Larry Best Furnitures Ltd in Lagos Nigeria. Building on his investment returns from the furniture business, he subsequently diversified and created more companies in Communication and Security businesses: Larry Best Communications and Larry Best Securities to provide development and employment for over 70 persons at the time. His entrepreneurial spirit and passion for providing employment and economic development for local communities enabled him to again venture into importation and sales of cosmetics and fragrances business in Nigeria.


He migrated to Ireland in 2001, and upon the call and leading of our Lord Jesus Christ, gave up his life to serve, pastor and shepherd men to Christ. He founded the Faith Christian Fellowship Ministry. Faith Christian Fellowship quickly became not only a church and home to Africans migrants but a multicultural melting pot for salvation and redemption of all race and creed in Ireland. The church doctrine and focus on raising conscientious Godly citizens for the love of God and country attracted the appreciation of the Irish people, as captured in the Irish Times of 2008 and Connacht Tribune of Friday, November 2014, with the caption: “Pastor Larry’s dream of clean souls and homes”

While pastoring and overseeing Faith Christian Fellowship Ministry, he carried on his personal business, and created in 2002 Faith Cleaners, a facility and After Builder cleaning company. As a certified Irish contractor.

Pastor Larry Ovie has worked since his arrival to Ireland in 2001 for multiculturalism and social inclusion in Galway County, his efforts included assisting new migrants to access information on State support and services, providing translation, financial and charitable support to mostly pregnant migrant women, he started a crèche at the Eglinton hotel for the immigrant families which was later handed over to the department of education which is still operational till today and caring for vulnerable children. He introduced the Zumba dance in conjunction with well acclaimed Zumba dance instructor, Leighton Morrison tagged, “Ireland Dance with Larry” to encouraged general well-being. And to mention, he re-enacts the Passion of Christ every good Friday in Galway City.

Pastor (Dr.) Larry Ovie is holder of Bachelor of Arts degrees in Business, Enterprise & Community Development from Athlone Institute of Technology, and also a Bachelor of Honour in Social Enterprise, Leadership and Management. He was awarded an honorary doctorate degree in Theology and Divinity on Saturday 13th July 2013, he is an author 3 books, which are;
Is blessing now a Curse
It is too Late to Fail
Power of a Cycle
Apart from his pastoral services and leadership, Pastor (Dr) Larry Ovie founded the Jesus Love Club (JCL) socio-charitable club that seeks to promote local initiatives to cater and support each other and be one`s neighbour keeper so as impact communities. At the same time touching lives through the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

In addition to the JLC, Pastor Larry Ovie co-founded with Mr. John Rabbitte a non-for-profit organisation, The Society Against Delinquency (SAD) with the aim to helps people dealing with addiction or vulnerable addiction.
Pastor Larry and Gloria Ovie convenes yearly Singles & Married Conference to a healthy relationship and strong family bond.

Pastor Larry Ovie is a responsible and dedicated family man, married to Pastor Mrs Gloria Ovie.

June 18, 2021

City Lives – Denise McNamara meets Pastor Larry Ovie of the Faith Christian Fellowship Ministry Pastor Larry Ovie has been at the forefront of a number of tragedies in the African community in recent years, visibly leading his flock in grief.

However locating the leader of the Faith Christian Fellowship Ministry proved quite an onerous task on a rainy, dark Wednesday evening. Hidden among car dealerships, garages, window suppliers and fitters, lies the first African Pentecostal church to be set up in Galway.

The church is on the first floor of a warehouse in the Oldenway Business Park in Ballybrit, which also boasts an office, a community crèche and a studio where Pastor Larry videos his motivational messages. In a modest room with around 40 chairs is the chapel and heartbeat of the church where the faithful gather for services every Sunday. Just how Pastor Larry ended up leading a church born in the early days of the Eglinton Hotel in Salthill, and home to a generation of asylum seekers is a story as colourful as the metaphors he adopts in his four books. Born into a family of 11, his father was in charge of road construction in the Delta State province of Nigeria. Following the Biafran War which saw one millions Nigerians die from famine and fighting, his father left the job and became a farmer.

At school Pastor Larry harboured ambitions of becoming a doctor but because he was the eldest son, he was under pressure to help provide for the family. He started a furniture manufacturing business and, later, a security company. Pastor Larry and his wife Lizzie enjoyed the high life after both businesses took off. However she struggled to have children and suffered five miscarriages.

Their first child, Ella, was born prematurely after his wife was confined to hospital for four months. The couple were advised to go abroad for better medical treatment if they wanted to have a second child. “We came to Ireland in 2001 when she was three months pregnant. We were originally in Tipperary and the doctors had to suture the womb.

We were told to stay close to hospital so we moved to Galway. My son was born in Galway at six months, he was just 700g,” he recalls. “Just imagine a man who prayed, ‘take away my money and give me my child’. That’s what happened. It’s the miracle story of Larry Junior. He was the size of a watch.

He was in hospital for two years. “Dr Michael wrote a sign over his bed: ‘I am Larry and I am here to stay.’ That sign went everywhere with him, when he had to have a bypass operation in Crumlin because of breathing difficulties.” The family spent a year in the Eglinton Hotel, awaiting their Irish residency permit. Because Larry Junior was born in Ireland they were automatically granted visas – a situation which was subsequently changed when the Irish Nationality and Citizenship Act 2004 was passed. “I started a prayer group. Pregnant women in the Eglinton Hotel had nobody to assist them, there were not many African men in Galway. They needed a man to bring them to appointments. I was hoping on the discharge of Larry Junior to go back to Nigeria. But he still had trouble breathing. For more, read this week’s Galway City Tribune

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