How we give to our Community

Our Church lives by the Jesus words and also, His deeds. That is why we give our selfs to the Community in which this Church belongs to. The people of the Galway community are what it gives Us strength and will. Every day we strive to help everyone in need and to show them the Word of Jesus. In Jesus they will always have a refuge and we are here to show them the path to Jesus. 

We have been given the opportunity to help the community in many ways. Community bus had been given to us to help those who aren’t able to participate in our services and events.

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Church services


Sunday service : 10.30 am
Thursday : Jericho hour 6 am
1st Friday : Vigil 10 pm
3rd Friday : Women’s prayer and Bible study 6 pm


Upcoming programme

Past programmes

Jesus Love Club (JLC)

The Jesus Love Club or simply JLC is a non-denominational co-op birthed in 2012. This Club welcomes individuals who incline to the reason for Christ mission to save and feed His flock. JLC on the move to feed the sheep of the Lord John 21:17 and show how we love Jesus by obeying his mandate.

VISION: To create the atmosphere for the sheep of Jesus Christ to release their initiative to impact the world around them.

MISSION: To mobilize the faithful of Jesus world wide to see through the genuine request of the Lord Jesus Christ.

About JLC…Initial introduction…

This club was first mentioned in January of 2012 by the visionary, Pastor Dr. Larry Ovie. The gathering was as a lunch hour event called “Lunch with Jesus” organised every last Tuesday at the new church premises. The meeting included Faith Christian Fellowship members and friends, engaged in prayers and lunch served afterwards. The experience was overwhelming as participants at the inaugural gathering explained. The purpose of this newly introduced lunch hour is to further propagate the Gospel in another dimension.

Pastor Dr. Larry Ovie on behalf of the church, extends invitation to as many as will want to lunch and feat with Jesus during their break times at work. The lunch with Jesus program lasts for only an hour from 12.30 – 1.30pm.

Naming the club

Within a week, the newly “Lunch with Jesus” gain more members, the Senior pastor, Larry Ovie then proposed a new name, “JESUS Love Club”. Immediately, it was mentioned to the Editorial team lead by Apostle Uche Onyenagubo for publication in the weekly “Church Bulletin” & Newsletters. Registration forms was introduced to enable individuals to register formally to continue to enhance the body of Christ. Pastor Larry then promised to make available, a detailed report of the newly formed club and welcome new members.

EVERYONE is welcomed

As JLC progress with the Mission & Vision, more individuals are encouraged to now register to demonstrate the act of fellowshipping and more importantly, the feeding of the sheep.

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