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The General Overseer…Pastor Dr. Larry Ovie

A rising star has been born to the family of Madam Lady Otulugbu nee warri and Late Pa. Jonathan Otulugbu Ovie of Orogun, Delta State, Nigeria.
This Child, born in June 1963 would eventually rise to become an outstanding star worthy of emulation and support, but through a hard way and humble beginning at the Orogun Primary School, Orogun, Delta State. He later proceeded to Wugheru Grammar School, Delta State. Faced with the challenges of life, he relocated to Lagos State to seek greener pasture in order to further his education, and cater for his siblings and parents, being the 1st child, a burdensome task for any young lad at the time. He started his career at a Furniture Company in Lagos State, not knowing this would be the cradle of his own business ventures to come. In 1985, he set his own company-Larry Best Furniture.

In 1986, out of his burning desire and love for music, he went to a musical school in Ajegunle, Lagos State and before he finished he met one young and gifted Mack Elvis Nzebude who later became his musical partner, hence the creation of De BOOMERS, a unique and exciting musical career. Between the year 1986 to 1990 De Boombers released their first Album: – “Africa Would Rise Again” It sold like hot cake 2nd Album: “ Nigeria is our Home” came a year later.
1991 marked a year of great expansion, as the now thriving furniture business boomed tremendously, that diversification into communication and securities business became inevitable. Larry Best Securities performed so well that it secured for itself the sole franchise of the CCS Security’s of London.

Our outstanding shining star, in a search for the safe delivery of his 2nd child traveled to the Republic of Ireland, leaving behind an enormous wealth and thriving business venture, and got hijacked by the call of God to be ordained as shepherd and Pastor to God’s People, hence the birth of the Faith Christian Fellowship (FCF) in 2001, after an eight months of consistent fellowshipping with neither tithe and offering.

Pastor Larry’s dream of clean souls and homes

City Lives Denise McNamara meets Pastor Larry Ovie of the Faith Christian Fellowship Ministry. Pastor Larry Ovie has been at the forefront of a number of tragedies in the African community in recent years, visibly leading his flock in grief.

However locating the leader of the Faith Christian Fellowship Ministry proved quite an honorous task on a rainy, dark Wednesday evening. Hidden among car dealerships, garages, window suppliers, and fitters, lies the first African Pentecostal church to be set up in Galway.

My Life, My Prayer: 360 – Degree Life Turn Around Recipe

Revealed knowledge is the antidote to deception. The greatest obstacle to success is deception; this book will open you up to every pitfall that could trip you on your way to fulfilling your purpose in life.

This book is a combination of our life experience and revealed knowledge from above. We have carefully written this book as a step by step guide, that can lead everyone to true success in life.It does not matter what stage you are in life a 360-degree turn around can be achieved. We recommend that you read every chapter of this book and follow all the guidance and be ready for the testimony of your life.

About the authors:

Pastor Dr. Larry and Pastor Gloria Ovie are dedicated servants of God and the senior pastors of Faith Christian Fellowship Ministry and Larry Ovie Ministry, global. They have extensive knowledge of Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Community development. Their goal is to bring everyone to a clean home and clean soul; bringing the joy of the Lord to the world.

The power of a circle

Pastor Larry Ovie builds up families, nurtures the young and protects the vulnerable. He is very much aware of satan actively prowling through the world and he rises to the challenge to engage satan wherever he sees or senses his presence. This book is a textbook for those who wish to strengthen their faith or even find a fresh one. Read this book and prepare to be changed.”
Rev. Patrick TowersSt Nicholas Collegiate Galway, Ireland

“Success in life was not designed to be accidental. You must be influenced to succeed, and I want you to realise this important fact: YOU WILL NEVER GROW BEYOND THE INFLUENCE OF THE CIRCLE TO WHICH YOU BELONG, and that is why you must seek to upgrade your circle.”

Pastor Larry Ovie is a man sent by God to spread the joy of the Lord to the world. A musician, teacher and author, he travels across the world with the ministry of the Word and God’s power, transforming lives and solving problems. He is the president of Larry Ovie Ministries and general overseer of De House of Royal Ministries, a network of churches in Europe and Africa.

Words of wisdom from the General Overseer


Reflection point

You cannot grow beyond what you know


Facts you must know

The day you die there is no more repentance


Realities of life

Many are stranded because they don't have the word of God inside of them.

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